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Meet and discuss

Meet with you and discuss your home needs, including features, floor plan and location. I will explain how Realtors represent buyer clients and review the Purchase and Sale Agreement so you are well informed with the purchase process when you find the right home.

Prequalify with lender

We set up a prequalification interview with a recommended mortgage lender. You will know your financial limits and save time by looking at homes in your price range. And when you do make an offer on a home, the sellers will give more consideration to your offer because you are preapproved.

Home search

We enter your search criteria in the MLS and you’ll receive daily email updates including details and photos of the properties that match your search.

Previewing homes

We review your search matches and may preview some of the homes, avoiding those homes that do not match your needs.


Schedule showing appointments, allowing time for inspecting each home and travel time between homes. We provide you a “House Hunting Worksheet” to note the pluses and minuses of each home.

Second looks

After seeing a number of homes, a few will stand out. We will schedule a second visit, allowing time to see the finer points of the home. You may invite a friend of family member(s).

Writing the offer

When you find the right home, I will provide you with area comparable sales and property data to help you make an informed decision as to the price to offer, etc. We will complete the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Earnest money

You will write an earnest money check with your offer to purchase. Earnest money of 1/2 to 1% of the purchase price is common.


I present your offer to the listing agent, who works the offer with the seller and relays their response to me. This process is repeated with counter offers until a successful agreement is reached.

Mortgage application

Once you have a contract, you will meet again with your mortgage company to complete your application. They will collect for the credit report and appraisal at that time.


I will help coordinate your home inspection, and repair requests to the seller’s agent.


I will manage and communicate all transaction needs to a successful closing.



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